Saturday, February 21, 2009

Don't you just hate people that are way too happy?

A former co-worker of mine has been leaving the most nauseating updates on his facebook page. I'm assuming he has a new girlfriend, because it seems like every day is just "the best day ever!" or "the most awesome day!" or "a spectacular evening!" It also seems like he's been "missing lots of sleep" and so forth. I finally told him to can it. I'm glad he's happy but there's a limit to how much other people really want to hear about it. Especially me in my present not-so-great state of mind. I hope he doesn't take it the wrong way, but actually I don't really care. I never see him since he doesn't work at the museum any more and frankly, even when I am in a good mood, I get annoyed when people try and flaunt their extreme happiness. It feels like bad manners.


fermicat said...

Well, before I read the "missing sleep" part, I was thinking maybe he was really a dog. You know... everything that happens in a dog's day is "My favorite!"

BC said...

I would be happy for him but at the same time, I think I too would be annoyed. Give it a few weeks and Im sure his mood will change to something more boring.

I dont work with any perky people so I guess Im lucky. We all love our job but we hate our boss.

TheWriteGirl said...

It's way beyond perky. And we were never that friendly with the guy to begin with. But somehow he seems to think that everyone really cares what videos he watches nightly, or what kind of coffee he wants to drink.

This is one of the downsides of Facebook, I guess. People feel that absolutely everything is worth sharing.

Well, it's an ongoing anthropological experiment at any rate.

BC said...

*runs to update Facebook* now eating a meatball.

;o) I hope you got a little smile out of that one. No, I really didnt do that. I just needed a little giggle tonight myself.


TheWriteGirl said...

Very cute! Sadly, that's what this guy is like. Oh to update my Facebook page. :D